Volunteer Policy

Church Volunteer Policy Process

Any Southeastern California Conference (SECC) church that will use volunteers in any capacity is required to follow this SECC Church Volunteer Policy. There are two types of volunteers, with additional requirements for the volunteers working frequently and closely with children.

Identifying Volunteer Status

Level 1: Non-Regular Volunteer

  • Minimal or no interaction with children
    • “Child” means a person under the age of 18 years
    • Examples: A/V or media volunteer, adult SS leader or young adult ministries leader

Level 2: Regular Volunteer

  • Volunteer who is at least 18 years old and has direct contact with or supervision of children for more than 16 hrs/month or 32 hrs/year.
    • Example: If a Children’s Sabbath School teacher or Pathfinder leader, etc., spends even one hour/week with children throughout the entire year, that represents 52 hours a year. The fact that they are spending less than 16 hrs/month does not eliminate the 32 hrs/year defined mandate. They are a Level 2 Volunteer.
    • Example: Any parent or guardian who chaperones an overnight youth trip for children would need to complete the Live Scan and mandated reporter training, as the time spent supervising children would represent around 48 hours. They are a Level 2 Volunteer.
    • Example: Any adults who volunteer at recurring church activities and/or events where they are in charge of supervising children for more than 16 hours/month, or a total of 32 hours/year, including but not limited to Pathfinders or other youth ministry events, must complete the Live Scan and mandated reporter training. They are a Level 2 Volunteer.
  • All Level 2 Volunteers must comply with AB 506 Requirements

Level 1 Requirements

Level 2 Requirements

  • (1) Sign a SECC Volunteer Acknowledgment Form

  • (2) Get a Live Scan background check, that will be run through the DOJ and FBI. This requires completing the “Request for Live Scan Service” form to be given to the Live Scan operator. A copy of the completed “Request for Live Scan Service” Form received from the Live Scan operator must afterwards be uploaded here VOLUNTEERS.  SECC will not honor a Live Scan background check completed through another employer. The Live Scan must be repeated and run using the SECC Live Scan account and ORI number listed on the “Request for Live Scan Service” form.

  • (3) Be advised that there is a fee for the Live Scan check, which must be paid at the time of service. Please note that due to our status as a non-profit youth organization, Live Scan operators should waive the $32 DOJ fee. As such, you should only be charged for the vendor rolling fee (typically anywhere from $25 to $35) and the FBI fee of $15, approximately up to $50.
  • (4) Complete the two-hour online mandated reporter training for Volunteers provided by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention in the California State Department of Social Services, https://mandatedreporterca.com/, and upload the certificate of completion to VOLUNTEERS. The training must be completed every 2 years and new certificate of completion uploaded.
  • (5) Wait for clearance from SECC HR to begin volunteer services.

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